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And the Number Rises Daily

Posted on the 20 February 2013 by Doggone
Those who reject the need for gun control have no answer, no real response to the clear indication that while they may - or may NOT - be different than those who commit violent acts against themselves or others (or both), we clearly have too many armed people who do such harm. Those who oppose gun control are embracing a myth, not reality about this country.
Or gun culture is an epic failure measured by the rising number of bloody corpses, injured people, and people who have been terrorized or who someone attempted to terrorize with firearms. We need to stop this number from increasing; so long as it continues to grow, we are barbarians and vigilantes, not a nation of law, not a civil and civilized society. That is the greatest failure of all, the greatest discredit to our founding fathers' vision and hopes for this country.
From two days ago, as of this posting:
And the number rises daily

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