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And Some People Are More Concerned About Gun Rights Than....

Posted on the 23 May 2014 by Mikeb302000
Their drinking water.
And some people are more concerned about gun rights than....
According to the latest list issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, there are 21 water systems that could be out of water in 90 days or less. Eleven water systems may have just 45 days or less before running out of water. According to reporting by the Associated Press, the state's reservoirs are at their lowest point for this time of the years since 1990.
Of course, people cannot live without water, even if you are going to joke make a dumb comment about drinking beer instead since most alcoholic beverages require water at some stage in the process.
In fact, without water you cannot live.
You can't really say that about having a gun.
Do you feel stupid yet?  Or will that take time to soak into your heads?

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