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And My Book is Off…

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

And My Book is Off…The race started early. My book jumped the gun, not that I’m complaining in the least, but it launched early, before Christmas which was really a pleasant surprise. Family and friends started reading my book before Christmas and if you preordered you didn’t have to wait until the January 1st launch date to receive your copy of Cherry Blossom Capers. You may even be reading it right now!

Reviews have already come in on Amazon and Goodreads. It’s an exciting and hectic time. Not sure I’ll remember this year’s Christmas activities, but I don’t think I’ll be able to forget Christmas 2012.

But there’s still more work to do, like continue with the planning for my Mystery Book launch party next Sunday and follow up on my local media blitz.

It’s funny how calm I am about the whole thing. The stress should be swallowing me up, but instead my insides are just stirring a bit, not flipping out of control. It makes me wonder if THIS is why God made me wait SEVEN years before I got a publishing contract. Did he know that I’d be able to handle the stress and craziness better NOW than I would have seven, five or three years ago?

I believe the answer is YES. Father does know best, and although the book is out of the gate early, and there are still interviews and posts yet to be written, I’m riding this one knowing that God is in control.   He’s equipped me to run this race, and I’m not going to fall if I keep my eyes straight ahead, looking in his direction, and my hands firming on the reins.

Because I have a feeling the wild ride is not over!

p.s. speaking of wild ride, yesterday I received an email from the local mid morning talk show! They want me and my little novella on the show to talk about the mystery book launch party I’m having in about a week for my launch. What? You don’t know about it? Been too busy PLANNING! Will blog soon…

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