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Ancient Warlocks - S/T

Posted on the 30 May 2014 by Ripplemusic

Ancient Warlocks - S/T
Sometimes I feel like Sabbath planted a sapling way back in 1970 and ever since then that tree has grown into a gnarled, giant banyan full of character and ever reaching around itself to entrap more disciples of dark, ominous tone. That magnificent tree is impressive, but perhaps it’s finest moment is realized when a group of young artists take it’s soul and cauldron it up with a brilliant mix of Pacific Northwest Soundgarden-esque groove.
Seattle’s Ancient Warlocks deftly weave these powerful, classic influences throughout the full 8 tracks like old, battered artisans of the stoner scene. One minute you are face down in the heavy riffage of Super Wizard, and the next you are riding the Sweet’s Too Slow monorail through the Emerald City. It’s a strong record through and through without a weak track and that’s getting more rare in today’s music market where single sales rule the roost.
The album originally saw it’s European release on Lay Bare Recordings back in November, but sees it’s US debut Saturday May 31st on STB Records at Noon EST.
STB is a purveyor of premium vinyl releases that have historically been as much art on the exterior as within the grooves of the records themselves. You will find this Ancient Warlocks release to be no different, and the variety of selection includes splattered hues of white, black and clear ranging from extremely affordable up to a “die hard” version that contains a wearable cloak and alternate artwork by W Ralph Walters.
Ancient Warlocks - S/T
Ultimately, I think Ancient Warlocks produced something magical here. They used the Sabbath banyan tree, but built a house all their own within the branches and gave it the full Seattle interior decorating treatment. Climb on up and give it a try. You may stay a long, long while.

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