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Analog Tetris

By Onthatpage

Analog TetrisHellow fellow gamer readers ! i bet that you have played Tetris at least once in your lifetime, but i doubt that you have made it in an “Analogic” way, without your computer, without electronic devices, check out what this guys from Spain had made with this classic game of all times!

The creators of this manual way of playing Tetris are Fundación Luis Seoane but the project is under charge of Codeco. The group is from Coruña, Spain. This is what inspires the team to make this:

” The video games are present in our lives for entertainment, the same way as the TV, literature and movies. Games that limits only to excercise our eyes, fingers, hands and brains. Codeco make this proposition to take one of those famous games to the terrain of excercise of the muscles. To overcome the phases it will be necessary to join the body and mind.
The player will have to fit in the correct order, wood pieces in a tilted table ruled by the game’s croupier, who let fall the pieces faster as the time pass.”

Sounds interesting, but lets see it in action !

[Click here if you don't see the video]

Amazing don’t you think ?!  hehehe looks very funny !

Analog tetris

Analog Tetris

Analog Tetris 3

If you want to hear the Korbeiniki (Tetris Tune) being played on a guitar, get here and see Ewan Dobson making his magic ! Thanks for watching guyz !!!

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