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Anak & I Stole My Heart

By Chaayen
One of the most enjoyable things so far about pregnancy could really be shopping. Particularly, I really relish in the joy of finding cute clothes and toys for our little one. And I feel that the happiness is always doubled when I share the great deal with other mothers and my family. The other day I received a package from Anak & I and it immediately made me smile!
I have been talking about how small baby clothes are. Although Anak & I's cutting is a lot bigger than the rest I have reviewed so far, the clothes still look very tiny when I hold it to compare to myself hehe. Personally, I find their designs very adorable and I am pleased that even the boys' clothes made me excitable.
Anak & I stole my heart
1. Aden Unicorn Bamboo Onesie ($26)
If you have been following for a while, you will know how much I love my magical horses. Hehe. This piece was suggested by the owner and I am glad I took her advise. It is very soft and airy and I am very looking forward to my boy becoming a mini unicorn. Hehe. I am all ready to move out my incredulous amount of unicorn merch for his photoshoot. 
Size-wise, this is 0-6 months which explains the bigger cutting. I like it better this way because I feel like at least baby can wear it for a longer time cos rumours say they grow up so fast. There is also a female version of it, but I like this boy's design better. And also, it is pretty gender neutral. 
Anak & I stole my heart
2. Nenas Onsie - Teal ($30)
This is another 0-6 months piece and it stole many hearts even in my mother's group chat. I had a hard time choosing between white and teal but many mothers told me to pick teal because this color is unique. There is also a pink version if you have a little girl. I generally favour pink but pineapples just don't go well with pink!
The Hubs was saying that this was a perfect piece for house warming. Instead of rolling pineappples, our little boy will be blessing the house by crawling around in this onesie. Huat ah! If it fits till CNY, I think this would look cute for the festive too!
Anak & I stole my heart
3. Jonathan Cactus Overalls ($32)
This is a 6m to 1yo piece. I have no defence for myself but I am just a kiasu mom. LOL! I mean I have a cactus badge, obviously I would jump at twinning with my boy even when he is older. *smirks* Anak & I definitely has all grounds covered when it comes to popular prints - cactus, unicorn, ong lai, they have it all. It makes me so much less bummed that baby is a boy. 
I have to admit girls' clothes have much more variety and would have definitely make my wallet bleed more. Anak & I has some of the fancy tutu, fluffy skirts that made me wanna try for a girl asap. Lol! If you have a baby girl, do check out their collections.
Anak & I stole my heart
Just for my readers, Anak & I has provided a groupbuy chat which you can enjoy up to 70% off. Yes, our little ones can all get nice clothes. For the first 10 customers, you will also enjoy an additional 10% off. 
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