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Ana’s Story by Jenna Bush

By Steveliu @charitablegift

Ana’s Story by Jenna BushWell, since we highlighted a book by President Obama in the last post, I figured it’d only be fair to highlight a book by someone in the Bush family.

In President Bush’s best-selling book Decision Points, he talks movingly and proudly about his daughter Barbara and her work with the nonprofit she founded, Global Health Corps, as well as his daughter Jenna and the work she did volunteering for UNICEF in Latin America. Whatever your feeling about President Bush, one thing that’s clear is that he loves his daughters and he loves his country.

During her volunteer work, Jenna met a young woman named Ana, who had been infected with HIV from birth. Her mother died when Ana was three, and she was then shuffled from home to home, enduring horrific abuse and poverty, and all the while hiding her illness from others. The story is an inspiring one of how this young woman overcame the odds, fell in love, had a baby (not infected with the disease), and is today living in hope.

Jenna Bush’s writing style is accessible and inspiring, especially for younger readers who can experience her volunteer work vicariously through her. It (and the other book she wrote with her mom, Read all About It), are impressive coming from someone as young as her, and that both her books donate a portion to charity is equally impressive.

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