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An Update on Pheenix

Posted on the 27 November 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains

JudgeMind started a warning thread on Namepros with regards to domain registrar and former drop catcher Pheenix.

Apparently he was having a hard time getting authcodes and needed one quick because he had a sale and needed to give it to the buyer.

Now, i have sold another name and again i am unable to retrieve transfer auth codes and am getting no support from pheenix. The domain name was sold at afternic almost a week ago, i sent multiple emails to the owner of pheenix and to pheenix support with no resolve. I even hunted down Mr. Tran on Linkedin who informed me he had nothing to do with Pheenix anymore…. So what the heck is going on then? Is the site just running on auto pilot and accumulating issues daily? They have zero support.
I want/need to be able to transfer all of my domains away from pheenix especially the domain I’ve most recently sold via afternic. Now afternic is threatening to cancel the transaction if the authorization code is not supplied to them soon.

At one time Pheenix had an additional 49 registrars as part of their drop catching operation.

Rob Monster got involved to try to help JudgeMind.


Another member who had a credit there for months reported getting their money sent to them via PayPal.

So if you have names or cash at Pheenix take the time to log in and get your credit/codes now as it seems they are being responsive to requests.

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