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An Update on Bill’s Condition

Posted on the 16 March 2013 by Btchakir @btchakir

Hello – I am updating this blog for Bill. He has tried to do his own update but has not been successful at this point.He is sitting here comfortably, watching MSNBC keeping up with what is going on in the political world.  His son Will is visiting and we are at his daughter Penny’s house. I have plans to go to get our dogs to bring them to visit Bill tomorrow.

Things have progressed rapidly in his health and we have no choice but to share something with his readers. Over the years, this BLOG has been a mainstay in Bill’s life. He has enjoyed writing it and sharing it with his readers as well as visiting other related BLOGs and has developed a true community. This has been a truly wonderful part of Bill’s daily existence.

He followed through valiantly in his chemo and radiation for the brain tumor. The four week MRI showed that the tumor did shrink considerably. However he also has been diagnosed with an additional tumor. We are told it may be from the throat, neck or lymph nodes. The tests to find out exactly where are not very comfortable.  To radiate the new tumor and do two different chemo-therapies at the same time would severely tax a younger, healthier person… so Bill has entered the Hospice Program of Washington County.

His daughter Penny and I are doing all that we can to make him comfortable. Relatives and friends are coming to visit.  I know this BLOG reaches all over the globe.  If you are in our geographic area and would like to visit, please plan to do so.

He enjoys very short visits.

If you have his email feel free to contact him or send a card. I am not sure whether Bill is answering all his direct emails or face book messages at this point. My email is [email protected]. I will give you the mailing address for cards and local directions.

Please keep him in your thoughts and thank you all for the cards and kind wishes that have been sent our way.

Ellen (Bill’s wife)

39.430100 -77.804161

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