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An Unexpected Encounter by Deb Marlowe

By Gpangel @gpangel1
An Unexpected Encounter by Deb Marlowe is a novella originally published as part of an anthology. This novella has been altered a little and an epilogue added. I received a copy of this book from Netgally and Aspendawn Books.
This story is part of the Half Moon House series.
The book starts out with Hestia Wright doing what she does best. She observes a young woman in a museum checking the time frequently, and a little girl that in unattended. She manages to get the two of them together.
Lisbeth is in the museum to meet someone. It is urgent. She needs help to avoid a horrible fate her step-father has planned for her.
Aurelia's parents are both dead and her father's best friend has taken guardianship over her. But, the girl is still in mourning and sneaks out everyday to visit the museum.
Edmund Banke, Baron Cotwell doesn't know what hit him when he is confronted with Lisbeth and Aurelia together. Lisbeth manages to obtain a position looking after Aurelia and the household. The Baron is often shut away in his mysterious and top secret lab. Also, being a bachelor, he doesn't have much experience with children.
Lisbeth does a fine job for him, but circumstances arise that leads the Baron to think Lisbeth could do better, not only a better position, but a better husband.
Can Lisbeth be happy without Aurelia and the Baron? Will the Baron let his work deprive him the happiness he could have with Lisbeth?
This is a sweet story of two people that have self image issues. Neither of them believe they are attractive and are resigned to it. But, each finds the other more than attractive. There is chemistry between them, but the Baron is a bit eccentric and honestly thinks he is doing what is best for Lisbeth.
Of course there is a mystery as to what the Baron is working on in that lab and why it's so all fired important. There is also the ill treatment Lisbeth was subjected to by her father and her good friend, James.
The HEA is really, really sweet. The Baron will find it easy to relinquish his work somewhat so he can enjoy his new family. But, there is also a bittersweet ending that made me ache for poor Hestia.
Over all a very satisfying historical romance. This one is a B+

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