An Ultimate Guide To Wedding Outfit Fabric – Every Bride Must Know

Posted on the 27 December 2019 by The Wedding Cards Online @theweddingcards

Every bride should have little knowledge about the fabric before going to purchase their wedding outfit, just like having common knowledge about the paper before going to purchasing wedding invitations. How you will explain to the salesman, what type of gown you want? It can be difficult to describe without knowing what you want. Every designer or salesman will ask you, which type of fabric you want for your outfit? Then what will you say without having the knowledge about it, especially if you don’t have the right words? Usually, a wedding outfit is made up of a combination of fabrics, you just need to find out which fabric you will use most. Relax, we’ll here to guide to choose the right fabric for your wedding dress.

Here we’ve listed the fabrics that brides used for their wedding outfit.

Did you know the difference between fabric and fiber?

Before telling you’re about fabrics lets know the difference between fabric and fiber. Fiber is a lightweight thread of execution while the fabric is interconnected nodes that look like a fabric when viewed collectively from a distance. And the fabric is the final product that is made of this fiber.

There are two types of fiber:

Synthetic fiber: are man-made fibers like rayon, polyester, spandex, and nylon.

Natural fiber: that occur in nature like cotton, silk, and wool-silk.

Fabric can be made out of synthetic fiber or natural or a combination of both. Both types of fibers have their own benefits.

Here we’ve listed the fabrics that brides used for their wedding outfit.

There are lots of options when it comes to fabrics for a bridal outfit. So, read carefully and know the fabric that you want in detailed.


It is usually a lightweight plain fabric with crimped, grained and crinkle surfaces. It is a supple fabric with pebbled, twisted or puckered appearances. Crepe fabric comes in a wide assortment of adorable colors that you can use to make your adorable wedding outfit. It is commonly used in A-line and mermaid gowns. Crepe is popular for its minimalist vibe and eye-catching look. Because of the drape and weight of the fabric, crepe gowns are perfect for bridals who have a sexy figure.


Satin is draped greatly and lightweight with the added benefit of being reversible. It is known for its softness, shine, and sexy feel. It is one of the most versatile, durable and common fabric that bridals choose to make their wedding outfits. Satin comes in different weights and styles. Charmeuse is slinky and sexiest of all the satins. If you have a perfectly structured body then duchess satin is great for you, as it holds shape perfectly.


It is smooth, crisp, and plain-woven fabric made from cuprammonium rayons or silk as well as polyester and acetate. Use taffeta to create a stylish and adorable wedding outfit. It is a luxurious fabric comes with stiffer and softness. Taffeta is a tightly woven and lightweight fabric that looks beautiful and keeps its shape. If you want the voluminous look then it is perfect for your special without wanting to be weighed down. It comes in a variety of synthetic versions. You can use this taffeta to make your adorable wedding dress that will steal the attention of your guests.


It is a lightweight fabric with a magical luster and a sheer appearance. This versatile fabric is often used in special occasion dresses and eveningwear, but it is also great to use for creating a wedding outfit. Chiffon is that type of fabric that drapes beautifully. It can be clean and dried easily. It is also good for health as it allows easy breathability to your skin while wearing outfits that made of it. Chiffon fabric is typically made from different materials including cotton, silk, polyester, and rayon. You can wear outfits made of chiffon all year round, but especially adorable in summer and spring when to like to go for lightweight materials. Many brides pick chiffon for their wedding outfit to get an elegant and floating appearance to the outfit.


Lace is always elegant, classic and delicate. Use lace for creating your romantic outfit and set an adorable tone to your wedding day. The lace fabric is fine and knit or woven from a variety of fabrics. It refers to an open fabric that is made by twisting, looping or knitting various fabrics in a specific pattern. Lace is great to add extra charm to your wedding outfits and steal your groom’s attention through your sexy dress.


It is a lightweight fabric that is woven with a satin weave. The warp threads of satin cross over four or more of the backing threads. These float satin threads give the front of the fabric a reflective finish, smooth and where the back has dull finish and touch. Feel soft and silky to touch charmeuse. The fabric is commonly used for form-fitting dresses due to its skinny fabric. It is a drapable fabric of synthetic or silk fabric with a skinny finish.


It is a plain weave, sheer, thin fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organza fabrics are woven with synthetic filament fabrics such as nylon or polyester. It is a lightweight fabric, if you’re worried about your heavyweight outfit then go with organzas. It is a versatile fabric that is a great choice for creating an adorable wedding outfit. This fabric mostly found in bridal and evening gowns. It is known for its body and volume that makes a gown look full.


Add a vintage touch to your wedding outfits by picking tulle fabric for your outfit. It is popular for its volume and open-weave that many bridals love to wear on their special day. It is usually composed of nylon and silk, lightweight and airy fabric that makes an adorable eye-catching wedding outfit. It is well works with ball gowns and great for photography. Many times it is mixed with other pretty fabrics.

So, now you gotta which one you have to pick for you. Which fabric is going to pick for stretching your wedding outfit? Keep connected to us to get more ideas and tips for you.

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