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An Island in the Pacific

By Travellingartist @devtramp
Jessie T. Ponce Photography

An Island in the Pacific, December 2012

Long before I was able to travel beyond the borders of my small hometown, I was able to watch and immensely enjoy Walt Disney’s classic “20,000 Leagues under the Sea“.  That movie probably germinated an adventurous spirit in me because I always dreamt of  travelling since then, maybe not in a “submerging boat” like Captain Nemo‘s Nautilus, but at least to strange and exotic places around the globe.  The one scene in the movie that remained vivid in my mind was when Nemo’s captive, Ned Land, after suspiciously being allowed by the eccentric captain to go ashore on a strange island, had to quickly abandon his escape plans and then frantically raced back to the stranded Nautilus with  spears and arrows and a horde of fierce, canoe-borne cannibals chasing after him.  I smiled as that scene played back in my mind while taking this photo thinking that Jules Verne’s setting for that part of the story could have been the island in the background.

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