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An Interview With Little Eris

By Americymru @americymru

AmeriCymru: Hi Eris and many thanks for agreeing to be interviewed by AmeriCymru. Please tell us a little about your new single 'So Many Nights".
Eris: Hi thanks for the interview! The new single ‘So Many Nights’ is the first of 3 singles produced with Charlie Hoskyns that I will be releasing through a label I have set up called Original Human Records. These single have been developed from lofi demos into full scale productions with high tv/radio specs with a view to getting the sounds of little eris out to a wider audience.
The ‘So Many Nights’ single is a harmless but loaded love song based on a true experience of being hurt by love. It’s nice that the single has resulted in turning a difficult time of my life into positive life experience whereby I have rewarded by people enjoying the song and the video. A bad experience in love has created a positive result for myself! We had a lot of fun making the music video for the single. I set my imagination free and wrote a ridiculous script with 11 scenes and lots of outfits and locations and props. We succeeded in manifesting the idea into reality through collaboration with local artists. My friends have been very supportive particularly textile artist Elen Mai Wyn jones who found us the editor in LA and helped with a lot of the styling for the video. My boyfriend James has also been very supportive, as a professional animator he did all the storyboards and the single artwork for me. As a first release the single has brought a lot of people together, there were around 20 people involved in making the video for it and they all worked on the project voluntarily. The single is out now and available as a digital download, the video has also been released online and can be found on the main video streaming sites.
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