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By Melissak

While most people go out for a drink or shake their booties at the club on the weekend and have the best time ever, I’m at home with my pretty man friend having a harry potter marathon.  Don’t get me wrong I love whipping out my ridiculously embarrassing dance moves when I get the chance, but I do love me a good lazy weekend.  Kidding. it really wasn’t that lazy. We did watch harry potter, but we did a lot of stuff in between.

We’ve almost completed the mosaic table, we got way to little tile grout, so we still have a lot of grouting to do, but so far this is the most rewarding project to date.  Turning something like a simple tin table into something beautiful is the best feeling ever.  We also went to donate some stuff we no longer use to an animal shelter charity shop, while we were there, I got to look at all the animals, somehow I managed to make all of them bark, while saying “who is a pretty doggie?! You are a pretty doggie!”.  Its always hard to go look at these animals, I always just want to adopt them all!

The horses have gotten way to fond of our place and seem to be hanging around a lot these days.  It might be the carrots and apples I give them, or the delicious grass we have growing in the garden.  All I know is, we have large new friends around now, that are the best mowers in all the land.


^^ Look at this beautiful mushroom.


^^ Say hello to the horse!


^^ This is fire.  He was really intrigued by the camera.


^^ I wish I was this photogenic.


^^ Tiles glued down and waiting to get grouted.


^^ Magic is all around us and found when you actually start looking around you, instead of relying so much on technology for entertainment.


^^ Starting the tile grouting.

^^ I also decided to get some winter flower seeds so even during winter we will have beautiful flowers.

I hope everyone had a restful weekend and is excited for the week.

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