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An Exciting New Family Project…

By Lovegetssweeter @LoveGetsSweeter

So the last few nights my brain has been full of amazing ideas for a new family project.

I’ve come up with something so exciting and I would LOVE it if you (or someone you knew well who’s just had/is due a baby) wanted to get involved…

newborn baby girl being held in a mans arms wearing a cute I love Mummy hat and sleeping in a house in Newark

Even before we became parents we were all about preserving amazing memories. Way before the phone selfie, we actually have a wardrobe FULL of photo albums we’ve created AND I have a little pile of DVD’s from all the holiday video’s I’ve made too.

When we became parents we upped the game a little, hired a pro every now and then (so I wasn’t just behind the camera) and have a nice collection of photobooks showing off our family life so far. And lets not forget our pretty impressive photo wall up the stairs too!

I even started watching my old (not even that old, she’s only 3!) videos of Paisley to remind myself of how much she’s changed and how grateful I am to have those moments edited together in a cute little film!

I know how quickly time passes. One minute they’re a newborn, then they’re suddenly smiling, rolling and crawling. Then making a mess with weaning and before we know it they’re taking their first steps…

Having been through those moments and been lucky enough to capture a lot of them I knew I wanted to offer that opportunity to others.

Nothing staged, no set studio times or posing in baskets but real family moments in places that mean the most to you.

As you may know I already offer short family film highlights and have had the pleasure of hanging out at a few Christenings too!

But I felt there was an opportunity to do even more…

And, this is where I am hoping you would like to work with me and help me create something REALLY special!

I’ve got this crazy idea and it involves a little bit of ‘learning’ on my part as I explore my rekindled love for photography.

It would involve me, my camera and your wonderful family.

All I’d need is a few days of your time spread out over the next 12 months. That’s it. As a thank you you’ll get a gorgeous highlights film of all I capture. All FREE!

Oh, and thanks to my re-kindled love with photography I have been getting so much enjoyment taking photos of my daughter and my new Niece, even going on a photography course with Nicola Thompson and investing in new kit…there’s a possibility of some beautiful family photos too!

But not of the ‘say cheese’ variety, natural and relaxed ones like these…

a photograph of a young girl sat in front of a bright window looking down with her hair all messy from a good nights sleep
a pretty little 3 year old girl kneels on the floor looking past the family photographer wearing her fairy wings and hold a pink wand with bright red rosy cheeks
a close up of a sleeping baby in the arms of her uncle with natural light showing off her little face and features as she sleeps in Newark Nottinghamshire
a grandma, aunt and niece sit around a cafe table after their lunch talking to a newborn baby in Lincoln
A mom sits on her gray leather sofa breastfeeding her newborn daughter
A newborn baby girl sleeps in her bouncy chair unaware she is being photographed
A little girl runs excitedly towards to camera as her Dad stands by a dramatic flying fish graffiti art on the streets of Lisbon

As with my weddings, I’m all about fun and relaxed images. It’s more documentary, more real. And that’s exactly what I want from my family photography too!

So, if you’re still with me (well done for getting this far) and love the sound of everything I’m hinting at, would you like to be the one to help me perfect my new family offer?

All I’m asking is for TWO wonderful families who are excited by my work be willing to commit to a few hours with me 3-4 times within 12 months.

You have to be totally open to the possibilities and willing to go on this fun and creative journey with me.

Are you willing to happily give up a few weekdays this year to hang out with me?

Are you committed to giving up your time and being rewarded with a FREE family video and even some photos…?


I’ve created a little family questionnaire to find out more about you, your family and see if we would be a really good fit for this wonderful family project.

If I feel we would work well together I would love to let you in on all my plans and come up with an agreement to have an amazing year exploring together.

Fancy it?

Fill in the form below! PLEASE TICK THE BOX so you will get an automated email to the questionnaire and be added to my email list!

I promise your information is NEVER shared and it’s solely for use for my family film project.

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