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An Entry in the Diary of a...

By Clogsandtulips @clogsandtulips
An Entry in the Diary of a..."An Entry in the Diary of a..." was a writing promt given to members of the writing group Write Now! in September of 2009. The following is my response to the prompt.
Dear Diary,
This morning I woke up with the worst hanover. I have absolutely no idea what I did last night, but I'm certainly never going to do it again.
The house I woke up in was one I'd never been in before. It took me a while to get my bearings. Unfortunately, I came to only too soon and realized what I'd done.
I know I'm not a star when it comes to picking members of the opposite sex, but this was the worst yet. And I had gone home with and done God-only-knows-what with him.
He was a total scruff. Too wrapped up in his music or art or recreational drugs to give a fig about what he looks like. He was sporting some kind of skull and cross bones get up that you could see stains from every food item on the planet on.
And pee. I could smell pee. Probably some loser frat boy. I had to chanel Houdini to get out of his vise-like grip.
I managed to get myself upright, cursing the fact that I'd let myself get tossed to the floor in the heat of the moment.
And, wouldn't you know it, I found myself smack against a full-length mirror. I studied my reflection critically. At some point last night, I'd scuffed my heel up pretty badly. I'll have to get it filed down for sure. No matter. I was sick of being taller than most guys anyway.
I sighed and began my hunt for Mischka. She hadn't gotten too far. Just to the other side of the bed. I was glad to see that she hadn't done any better.
In fact, we'd done it again -- we'd gone home with twins. Apparently though, she'd been smart enough not to sleep with him. Or at least to fall asleep at a distance from him. Which was most likely the case, if I know my sister.
A picture of my "stud's" greasy paws all over me flashed into my head. I shuddered.
Mischka had quite the scratch on her toe, although the rest of her looked okay. What did we do last night? Well now people will be able to tell us apart for sure.
I had to shake her pretty hard to wake her up. She doesn't hold her alcohol very well. That's what happens when you play at being classy and conservative by day and go out partying with friends at night.
The look on her face after taking everything in would have had me dying with laughter had the circumstances been different. She got a good chuckle when I told her I'd ended up with her guy's twin.
Thank God Carly woke up not long after. I hate when she oversleeps like that. If she hadn't been our ride out of there I totally would have ditched her. It was her stupid fault that we all ended up there in the first place.
And then that bitch had the audacity to take the bed. Serves her right that she ended up with the grossest guy of the bunch.
We all crashed when we finally made it home and spent the rest of the day nursing our hangovers. I just hope Carly leaves us home the next time. If she does, I swear I'll never complain about the mothball smell in the closet again.
I think I need to spend more time with the Crock girls or the Birkinstock twins. They never seem to get into the trouble we designer girls get into. But first, I need to make an appointment with the shoesmith for a makeover. Till next time!
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Top image: theogeo, Flickr
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