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An Attempt to Hijack a Domain Seizure Order, Posing as a Rightsholder Failed

Posted on the 23 December 2022 by Worldwide @thedomains
Domain Seizure Order published an article where there was an attempt to hijack a domain name seizure order. MindGeek who runs many popular online adult video websites won millions of dollars and the right to take over domain names won in a lawsuit. A lot of times when a company loses a copyright infringement case in the online porn space they just move to new domain names. That is what is apparently happened here as well. The article further details all the action taking place.

From the article:

Adult entertainment conglomerate MindGeek won a major court battle last month against In addition to millions of dollars in damages, the court issued an injunction allowing the rightsholder to take over this and other domains. Interestingly, ‘someone’ tried to hijack the process by posing as MindGeek in an email to domain registry Verisign.

Court Order Hijack Attempt

Apparently, someone had been keeping a close eye on the case. Shortly after the court issued its order, Verisign received an email from an MG Premium imposter trying to seize ownership of the contested domain names.

It didn’t work as MindGeek was already in touch with Verisign.

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