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An April Fool, Text Spam, & The Single Gal

Posted on the 02 April 2011 by Thefriskyvirgin
April 1st is traditionally a day where tricksters like to pull pranks on the unsuspecting person.  However, it is not a welcome idea to try and make a fool out of the single gal...at least, not this single gal.
Late today, I received three text messages back-to-back. Without initially looking at the number, I glanced at the first few words and saw the following: "...U requested daily mymobilelove texts."
Me: "Huh? I didn't request daily love texts!"
At first, I thought it might have been an April Fools' Day prank.  However, I didn't recognize the sending number.
Before I could read the whole message, another text came through.  This one, I assume, was one of their sample daily love messages, which focused on forgiveness and regret.
Me: "Um, no, they did NOT just send me that!"
As my temperature began rapidly rising, yet another text jingled my phone: "Enjoy your daily love texts, daily alerts billed at $9.99 per month!"
Me: "Ten bucks a month for something I NEVER REQUESTED! Oh, I don't think so!"
I immediately did a little Google surfing and discovered that this is quite a widespread problem. Apparently, this third party can charge your phone without you ever having to participate and/or request the service. Having your number is all they need to charge you.  Basically, I could expect a $10 charge on my bill at the end of the month. 
With the research in front of me, I called my service provider, who immediately knew what was going on.  She put a block against them and a note on my account; should the charge come through, she informed me it will be removed. 
However, she did tell me that some people simply ignore text spam as you would, say, e-mail spam.  Unlike e-mail spam, charges will likely appear on your phone bill. 
Details: If you receive text messages from 34095 or 340-95, My Mobile Love Texts--and you did not register for them--call your service provider immediately.
Now, the irony: No single woman, in her right mind, would EVER subscribe for daily reminders that she is single, much less pay for said reminders. I mean, really? You think you are going to get $10 bucks out of me...that I am just oh-so-desperate to receive love texts? Darlin', I may have my moments, but a fool I am not.

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