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An App That Answers the Question; “Should I Stay Or Go?”

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

There’s an app for everything it seems. Now a team of folks from Hollywood along with Gary Lewandowski, PhD, have developed and recently released an app called StayGo. Catchy, isn’t it? It’s name describes that age-old dilemma that so many folks find themselves in with their relationships—“Should I stay or should I go?”

StayGo is an evaluation tool that is comprised of a set of 20 dimensions that are associated with relationship quality and longevity across hundreds of research studies involving both dating and marriage.

Users answer a series of short questions that assess 20 aspects of their partners and their relationships. They receive a score and feedback for each one, and then their overall relationship quality is calculated. The answers are very personalized to the users ages, length of relationship, and other factors—so every score is very unique, regardless of the similarity of answers that folks may provide.

The app doesn’t answer the question about staying or going—but once the data is offered, users have something concrete and objective to use in order to make their decision.

SayGo has a second tool that is a daily relationship tracker. It gives the user 3 questions to answer each day, and over time it offers a picture of how the relationship is doing over time. This is very useful because memory is flawed and we tend to forget, mix up timelines—and lose track of whether things are improving or not, staying the same, fluctuating up and down, etc. Hard to argue with data that is right in front of you.

Then there is a peeps feature, which is really a great idea. This allows friends/family to give anonymous feedback on whether they like your partner, approve of your relationship, etc. Really, how many folks would be honest about their feelings if asked directly? This way they can be honest—and this information can be very useful to anyone trying to decide whether they should stay or go.

This innovative and useful tool is available for both IOS and Android.

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