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An Admor is Born

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
a new Rebbe has appeared on the scene this past week.
The "Admor of Malta", Rav Dov Ber Hakohein, made an appearance, in Bet Shemesh of all places, when he came to Israel for the yahrtzeit ceremonies of the Rashash, as mystics tend to do.
An Admor is born
This Admor of Malta was unheard of until now, in hassidic circles at least and definitely in Orthodox non-hassidic circles, as far as I can tell. He dresses like no other hassidic rebbe, drawing some scoffing from the masses, and his website describes his style as not being specifically Jewish (no religion at all, actually). He gives his brachas and saves people unconditionally and accept no donations.
The whole thing is a bit strange, and the establishment does not like him. There were quotes the other day from community leaders that as long as he continues to deal with the gentiles, all is good, i.e. don't try to get a foothold among unzherer.

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