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An Abortion Denied

Posted on the 15 February 2013 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

Posted by guest blogger chuck aka xtnyoda

A week ago I was in NE Arkansas helping conduct the funeral of a dear friend in ministry. While there a young

lady in her 40s came up to me with her 9 year old granddaughter. It took about one second to remember her from 30+ years ago when I was her pastor.
I was in the hospital room with her back then, when the Dr. came in and told her they were going to need to abort her baby or she would die from some infection that had developed. She asked me to pray, then opened her eyes with tears streaming and said something like, "Then I will die. I am going to give this baby life."
She and the baby lived! Now, I am looking at her beautiful round faced, red headed granddaughter! Bright eyed and full of life! I asked the young girl if she had ever heard about the story of her mother's birth? She said she had not. I looked quickly to her grandmother and she gave a nod of approval.
I quietly shared with the granddaughter about the circumstances of her grandmother while carrying her mother, and what and how her grandmother had resolutely responded. I will never forget that beautiful girl's response.
She looked up, directly into her grandmothers eyes for a moment. She then simply asked, "You did that for my Mom and me?" The grandmother smiled and simply shook her head with a yes.
The granddaughter then laid her head over onto her grandmother's breast and began to cry quietly and gave her grandmother a big hug.
Just had to share.

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