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AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

Posted on the 11 September 2018 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Amazon is one of the most competitive E-commerce platforms and it accounts for about 43% of the total E-commerce alone in the US. In this competitive marketplace, there might be a lot of sellers selling s singe type of product.

As a buyer, you consider the deciding parameter of the product by looking at the review of those products. A review can tell about the pros and cons of that product.

As a seller, you would always try to keep a positive review (which is too hard) but there must be most of the positive reviews. In the rat race of these products, you try to overcome your competitor by getting the positive reviews for the product.

If you are making money by Amazon FBA, then you might have read about some automated tools that smoothen your Amazon FBA process. These automated tools can assist you in tracking, discovering or even keeping an eye on your reviews.

One such product which can actually help you improve your review is AMZFinder. In this post, we have featured AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon Codes In September 2018.


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AMZFinder Review In Detail

AMZFinder is one of the most robust Amazon FBA tools that can help you monitor product reviews, match the reviews with orders and also helps to contact the buyers directly to remove all the negative reviews from all the marketplace.

AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

AMZFinder has three major functions and this is what makes AMZFinder as the best review management and feedback request tool in the industry:

Review Management

The Amazon Review management tool gives the access to monitor or optimize the reviews and directly contact the seller. Thus, you can manage all the reviews in one place using the AMZFinder instead of using the AMZ Central.

Review Management tool helps you determine the buyers. Usually, Amazon doesn't allow the sellers to contact the buyers directly. AMZFinder lets you directly send the message to the buyers about the negative reviews.

AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

Thus, this feature called matching reviews with orders can save you a lot of time by directly finding the buyers instead of finding it manually. After you have found the buyers to contact, you can create a list there and send them the email directly.

Intuitive Dashboard

This clear and intuitive interface is user-friendly and displays all the relevant information on the dashboard. The dashboard has all the necessary features such as the review, order ID,, product information, marketplace, processing date, and the status. Moreover, the product description and the pictures are also displayed on the list.

If you get a negative review, the status will be shown as the "pending" and if the issue has been resolved, you will see the status as "done".

Daily Email Report

The finder creates the daily email report and mails it to you so that you can handle reviews and look that what is wrong with a particular product.

Multiple Marketplaces

AMZFinder supports the Marketplaces in nine countries. It supports the marketplace form USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India.

Quick Features:

  • Sort your list in the way that you like to. You can arrange and sort the list according to the filters.
  • Once you have seen the reviews and the complaints, you can set the automatic reply and send it with just one-click.
  • The AMZ Finder arranges the rating from highest to lowest and thus you can manage it easily.

Feedback Request

It is actually the sales booster for the Amazon seller. You can ask for the positive reviews if you haven't missed from the customers. Amazon sends out the bulk emails to the customers asking for the reviews and it really helps.

AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

It has a separate dashboard which creates the customized email page template for you. Go to settings and click on Email Page template. After choosing and writing the email, you can test the email template by sending it to your own email.

You can also choose that after how many days of purchase you want to send the email to the customer. Thus, set the email rules and it all becomes automated. Also, you can manually send the mail to the customer after a specific date and the specific time.

Quick Features:

  • Personal Mail rules: Set the email rules and send the emails at a specific time and the specific date. You can also choose that if you want to send email through the order generation or by the fulfillment.
  • Supports Marketplace: It supports a number of marketplaces in the different countries including US, UK, Japan, India, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, and Spain.
  • Multi-linguistic: The email template comes in a different language so that you can contact the customers of different languages in their desired languages.
  • Blacklist: The blacklisting system enables you to add the customers who don't wish to receive your email anymore. You can get the benefit of getting a better review if you don't send the disturbing emails again and again.

VAT Invoicing generator

If you are a registered Amazon seller, the possibilities are that the customers can ask for the invoice and the invoice would include the VAT too. The automated system generates the automatic invoice including the VAT or the tax of your country.

Though there are tons of tax calculators the AMZFinder does all the job for you automatically and you don't need to enter the VAT rates manually. IT might have some cons too but still, it is a good tool to generate the invoice and forward it to your email list.

Why Should You Use AMZFinder?

AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)
  • Ease Of Use: The reason why I have decided to review AMZFinder is that of its simple and the stable system. You can easily create the templates and get access to every tool on the dashboard with much ease.
  • No requirements: There are no as such requirements for the use of AMZFinder tool and it can be used by all. Be it a new seller or some old seller, anyone can use the AMZfinder. It is available to everyone.
  • Updates: One thing that I have loved about the AMZ tools are that they give regular updates to the sellers. There are a number of consistent updates and new features that can really help you explore more and improve the functionality of your marketplace.


AMZFinder is so relevant for the user when it comes to the pricing and it is also free if you want to try. It gives a 30-day free trial.

There are separate plans for the Review management as well as the Customer email plans.

Review Management Plans:
AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)
Customer Email Plans:
AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

Pros and Cons of AMZFinder

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface
  • AMZFinder comes for the free plan in Review management system plan
  • Easy to follow Guide and FAQ section to use AMZFinder.
  • Easy integration and linking of the Amazon account to AMZFinder with just one-click.
  • Customized templates and optimized list of the buyers.
  • It has multi-linguistic email templates.
  • Their website is slow and sometimes keeps down.
  • No options to add VAT exclusive/inclusive rate.
  • PC or MAC Apps need improvement.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon Codes 20% Off September 2018

Overall. AMZFinder is one of the amazing tools that I have discovered for improving the reviews and growing the sales. While it might have some bugs but it can actually help you get more reviews and improve the impact of the negative reviews from your profile.

While the tool also comes up with a free trial for 30 days and it doesn't cost much, it still works better than others in terms of the functionality.

This was my review of the AMZFinder. and I have also reviewed the other AMZ Tools on my blog too. If you have used it earlier, please share your feedback with us in the comments box. Also, if you love it please remember to share it on social media with your friends.

AMZFinder Review With Discount Coupon 20% September 2018 (100% Working)

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