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Amphibian by @ChristinaNwrth

By Pamelascott

It's summer in Edinburgh. Rose Ellis arrives at MoneyTownCashGrowth one morning to find that the entire fourth floor has been flooded with water, in a desperate attempt to improve productivity. As the water steadily rises, her working situation becomes more and more absurd.


[Rose was late for work]


(Speculative Books, 26 August 2018, 130 pages, paperback, borrowed from @GlasgowLib)



This little book was a delight to read. First off, I loved the size, shape and feel of it, an enticing little package. I read it in less than an hour and enjoyed every word of it. I wouldn't have minded spending another couple hundred pages with Rose and her colleagues. I loved the premise of the novella. Such a fun and original idea. As the water level rises, Rose and her colleagues find innovative ways to adapt including turning scuba gear into a smart business suit. The firm even introduce animals into the flooded 4 th floor and the big boss dresses like a shark to boost morale. I thought this was hilarious.

Amphibian @ChristinaNwrth

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