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Amnesty International Says "Arrest George W. Bush"

Posted on the 02 December 2011 by Mikeb302000

They're speaking to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia, but the whole world hears it.
"All countries to which George W. Bush travels have an obligation to bring him to justice for his role in torture," said Matt Pollard, senior legal adviser.

Amnesty International recognizes the value of raising awareness about cervical and breast cancer in Africa, the stated aim of the visit, but this cannot lessen the damage to the fight against torture caused by allowing someone who has admitted to authorizing water-boarding to travel without facing the consequences prescribed by law.
"International law requires that there be no safe haven for those responsible for torture; Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia must seize this opportunity to fulfill their obligations and end the impunity George W. Bush has so far enjoyed," said Pollard.
What do you think? Is that Malaysia news beginning to have a ripple effect?
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