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American-Left Politically-Correct Chicken-Shit

Posted on the 07 July 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.

chickenThere is a moral disconnect between western-left opposition to racism, since the end of World War II, and its general disdain for the lone, sole Jewish state of Israel.
For most "liberals" or "leftists" or "progressives," depending on how one defines such terms, this disconnect is veiled and, therefore, sometimes difficult to see.
One way to put a spot-light on it, however, is to note the negative attention that Israel receives from the western press versus the degree and quality of attention that it gives to countries like Syria or Iraq or Sudan or Congo or Saudi Arabia or North Korea.  The press knows very well that while a few hundred Arabs were killed by Israel in its operation against Hamas in Gaza last summer, that hundreds of thousands of Arabs have been killed, and millions displaced, in Syria within the just the last two years alone.
The number of war dead in Syria, in fact, already far outstrips - by perhaps four-fold - the entire number of dead in the Arab-Israel conflict since 1948, which amounts to about fifty thousand dead, total.  About two-thirds Arab and one-third Jewish.
The fact that the western-left, and the universities, and the UN, and the EU, and the Obama administration focus their disdain on Israel and not on, say, Syria, gives away the lie.
They say that Israel is abusing the local Arab population, yet, somehow, they do not seem to much care about abused Arabs who live anywhere else.
It tells us very clearly that this is a sucker's game and Jews are the suckers.
Israel is propped up, over and over again, to be socked in the mouth by the "human rights" community.
Yet the human rights community - those who stridently and self-righteously call for "social justice" - are blatant hypocrites who care about no such thing.  It is very sad, in fact.  I grew up believing that if an organization had the word "justice" or "peace" directly within the name of the organization that it probably stood for justice or peace.
This is not the case... if it ever was.
The fact of the matter is that if the "human rights community" honestly cared about social justice and universal human rights then it would care far more about Islamic State atrocities than the efforts of six million Jews to protect themselves in that part of the world.
That so many concerned "liberal" non-Jews excoriate Israel tells us that at the heart of western-left "liberalism" is a bigoted worm eating away at the very soul of the movement that intends to do Jewish people harm.

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