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American Idol: The Final 2: Scotty & Lauren, Country Showdown

By Thefriskyvirgin
Here we are! It's finale night and our two country crooners are ready to twang it up!
Before the contest even started, we learn that Lauren blew out one of her vocal chords while rehearsing.  The doctor gave her a ton of medication and said she should be just fine to sing. 
Round One: Contestant choice--Favorite song of the season.
Scotty: Gone, by Montgomery Gentry. Once again, he rocked it, country style.  FUN!
Lauren: Flat On The Floor by Carrie Underwood. She brought it.  Her voice was a little scratchy, but she muscled through like a champion.
Round Two: Contestant's Idols pick.
George Strait picks for Scotty: Check Yes or No by George Strait.  Goose bumps.  This guy is a natural old school country singer. It's wonderful to see a country star born.
Carrie Underwood picks for Lauren: Maybe It Was Memphis By Pam Tillis.  Beautifully done. Lauren is showing the most confidence we've seen all season. She really is coming into her own. 
Judges give their opinions:
Randy--Round one, slight edge to Scotty; Round two, slight edge to Lauren
Jennifer--Round one, Scotty; Round two Lauren.
Steven--Lauren, only 'cause she's prettier than Scotty.
Final Round: First Single, should they win.
Scotty: I Love You This Big.  I actually really loved this song. It's sweet, innocent, and right on target for Scotty's voice and age. He just brings smiles.
Lauren: Like My Mother Does.  Lauren dedicated this song to her mom, even singing while hugging her, and moved everyone to tears in the process.  You know me--I love my mama with all of my heart...and I was in tears. Beautiful vocals, beautiful song. No matter how old we get, we will always be our mama's baby girl.
Judge's give their final opinions:
Randy: Slight Edge to Lauren
Jennifer: Tight Race. Won't commit.
Steven: Lauren gets it, hands down.
My take: Both are All-American. Both are adorable.  Both are sweet and down to earth.  Both will have careers in country music.  Basically, you have two American Idols. If I have to pick...I would say Scotty gets the edge in this race, but it could go either way.
What do y'all think? Scotty or Lauren?

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