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@Amazon Business In A Big Trouble? #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
A lot of movement/shuffling/turnout is happening among top level executives in Amazon on global front. At the same time a number of legal implications/penalties/breakups are happening against this cloud services and E-retail venture. So much turbulence, internal and external, is never a good sign for any business. Larger the business, more is the severity of such implications. Of course, Amazon has a fat belly and it can absorb legal financial penalties quite easily. But what about the business and brand reputation? How many new cloud customers is it going to lose because of this? And on the retail front, a breakup with Indian giant Narayan Murthy's Cloudtail. Will it not impact on the trust its retail customers carry on it?
@Amazon Business In A Big Trouble? #BlogchatterHalfMarathon
 In fact, because of the Indian Court's litigations and penalties, when it got into the news, I realised Cloudtail is not it's own baby in a real sense. Narayan Murthy had 47 percent stake in that. Because of its illegal traits favouring Cloudtail over other sellers in Amazon and some more illegal practices internally for fiddling with taxes etc, the exposure has hit Amazon India very badly. So much so that largest Indian traders and sellers associations pressurized Narayan Murthy to break up with Amazon with immediate effect. And he did the same. No ethically strong person like Murthy would like to share the wrongdoings of an unethical company like Amazon. Still, if Amazon thinks dissolving Cloudtail will solve it's ongoing troubles, it's floating in a dream world. 
There's a lot more revelations to come about its internal wrong practices it has been doing for years. On global front, most of Amazon's long serving, talented, and the best of the cream executives are moving out for one reason or the other. The most recent one is Wei Gao, the former technical advisor to Jeff Bezos. It's interesting to know what made her take this step after a long period of 16 years working in Amazon's Seattle tech business. Remember, she is the one who is known to lead Amazon's grocery efforts and taking it to newer heights. There are many other top level executives who have left in recent months. Besides holding multiple key positions at Amazon, Gao was Jeff Bezos' technical advisor from July 2018 till January 2020.
Charlie Bell, Amazon's one of the veterans who was holding company's cloud business has also left recently. Steve Kessel, who was leading Amazon's physical stores business has also moved out recently. Former Amazon Worldwide Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke is another prominent senior leadership executive to leave the organization recently. So many senior level executives members moving out, all at the same time, in not a great indication for the future of Amazon. Something is really dicey happening inside at a large scale. 
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