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Amazon Booked For Selling Fraudulent Products #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters
Amazon is back in the news and for bad reasons again. A recent federal class-action lawsuit has exposed Amazon selling Fraudulent products. Shockingly, this sales of dangerous and potentially deadly fraudulent products continues despite legal notices served to Amazon. It's shocking because Amazon is ignoring and not taking any initiative to avoid this dangerous and potentially deadly condition. That has again brought Amazon the target of a strong class-action lawsuit in U.S. District Court (Crosby/Johnson v. Inc) for misguiding buyers and the direct and repeated sales of fraudulent and potentially deadly products. In a way Amazon has become a roller - coaster of unending troubles for itself with so many internal and external problems.
Amazon Booked For Selling Fraudulent Products #BlogchatterHalfMarathonSource : the counterfeit report
On one hand, a large number of its loyal and long-serving top level executives are leaving (or have already left). On the other hand, it's facing litigations, heavy penalties, and notices from governments of various countries including the United States and India. This particular lawsuit is the result of Amazon ignoring two serious legal notices, a similar lawsuit filed in 2020,and hundreds of complaints submitted against Amazon for selling hundreds of thousands of dangerous products offered or sold on AmazonAmazon India is no exception in this regard. Third class chinese products are being sold and their product pages on its website /app showing excellent ratings/reviews of those products. Cheating and fraud are happening openly and fearlessly.
Is it not the right time for Amazon to hold its fantasies and stop doing whatever it wants bypassing rules and regulations of the country where its operating from? On the other hand, is it not the right time for consumers to wake and recognize the real face of Amazon?
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