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Amazing Scientific Discovery: Learning Languages While Sleeping?

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Yes, you’ve read the title right. A certain study inducted by Professors Brian Coux and Raoul Germanix made it possible to learn language while sleeping. As it was said in the article written by Arthur Reagan, it was a “ground-breaking discovery”.

The said research was conducted within a two-year period located in Berlin Germany on 100 teenagers from different linguistic backgrounds. As they took time to observe them with scientific studies, they have found that “the brain responds well to learning languages while sleeping.” Can this be true? How is this possible?

Quoting the news posted by Reagan, it was said that the scientists found that students who slept on their dictionaries were 60% more likely to retain new vocabulary than those who didn’t. Similar studies in the United States have shown that students are more likely to retain foreign vocabulary, should they sleep with a dictionary under their pillow. Even Professor Coux himself was amazed. It was certainly a ground-breaking discovery that will help language learners improve their skills, even if they’re just “counting sheep and snoozing”.

Their discovery was not really that instant as it seem easy to to be. The big turning point only occurred when the professors initially came about the idea whilst working late in their laboratory with French technology. They simply fell asleep at that time while they hold their own dictionaries. Surprisingly, they were able to speak French fluently the next morning as both professors questioned orthodox learning techniques.

I know that it seem like it doesn’t make any sense at all that learners could actually learn languages just by simply sleeping. I’ve always thought that it would only be a cartoon fantasy like one Dexter’s laboratory episode. It was an episode when he got lazy learning French language, so he learned the language by just “simply sleeping.” Care to watch this video for a while.

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It’s so funny how Dexter’s way of learning the language ended up learning only one French phrase Omelette du fromage. Nevertheless, the scientists’ discovery of learning languages by sleeping is actually proven out of scientific researches. We cannot really question is credibility because it’s conclusion is actually based on facts.

What do you think of this discovery? Do you think it’s worth practicing for? Feel free to comment.

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