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Amazing Photos Captured With GoPro

By Inspirion @GoodMood20
Amazing Photos Captured With GoPro 3 By InspirioN on May 16, 2015 Photography Showing 1 of 3Next GoPro cameras – the new trend nowadays. These high-definition personal cameras are most often used in extreme situations and allow you to capture those amazing moments that you would usually have a hard time putting in words for someone.They were initially popularized by trained professionals doing extreme sports, also known as the people with Red Bull helmets doing crazy shit. But we mortals can use them as well in our not so extreme and dangerous lives.It is the closest you will get to reliving some of your experiences or letting others, less courageous, get a small glimpse of how it felt to bungee jump, sky dive or water-ski.Regardless of the reasons behind the excessive use of GoPro cameras,(even Superman tried it) life’s events are hard to enact again so get one and capture all your fun times with utmost ease and precision.  Additionally, it really looks badass and let’s face it – still better than taking selfies. In that name, here is a few awesome GoPro captures. Don’t try this at home kids…Image credits: Caleb FarroImage credits: Kirill OreshkinImage credits: Mike EscamillaImage credits: Patrick DorianImage credits: Felix WiemersImage credits: Kelly SlaterImage credits: Sarah Lee Showing 1 of 3Next

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