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By Zer @the2women
A Maze…get it?

In life we often face trials that test us. They serve as a way for us and others to judge our character.

Or, if we’re really lucky, the entire nation gets to weigh in because you made the national news.

Such was the case this week, when an unsuspecting couple and their young children dared to enter the corn maze at Connors’ Farm in Danvers, Massachusetts.

What was meant to be a fun family outing soon turned to distress and confusion.

No, the children of the corn didn’t come to claim them. There also was not a crazy man loose with any sort of sharp weaponry. The maze had simply done its job. They were lost.

When it seemed that all hope was lost did this couple lose their heads? Did they pick a wall and stick to it (that’s how you get out of a maze)? Did they realize that corn is planted in straight rows, pick an aisle and take the short way out?


That would have never made national news. In a moment of true brilliance and panic, a phone call was placed by the mother of two to the Danvers police around 6:32 p.m.

The police were dispatched along with a tracking dog. The family was found within minutes, and a legend was born.

…it should also be mentioned that they were a staggering 25 feet from the exit.

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