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Alphabet Project: G is for Girls

By Evette Garside @evette77

I’m linking up with the weekly Alphabet project over at Podcast.
This week is the letter G

G is for girls of which I have two.

I should really have 3 girls but unfortunately my “would be middle girl” passed away at just 10 hours old. She came to soon at 23 weeks and one day. Her name was Keira.

I now have 2 girls. Girls are a mothers best friend. Girls are pretty and enjoy pink and fluffy things (at least mine do). I love buying them clothes and doing mom and daughter things.




I miss my other little girl and I really wish she was here too. I hope she is having a great time up in heaven.

I also have a “not so little” boy who I love just as much as my girls.

So G is for girls!

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