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Almost Done with Bulb Planting

By Danielcarruthers

I feel as it I have spent most of the past month getting bulbs into the ground and into pots, and now the finishing line is almost in sight. There are just a few tulips to go and because they are destined for gaps in the border that are not yet available I am potting them up, seven at a time into black plastic pots so that they can get on with growing, rather than shrivelling in their paper bags. Depending on how the winter progresses, I will either plant them out as space is cleared, or if it proves to be a hard winter I will sink the pots in the ground in early spring.  The terracotta pots that I have already planted  get a hat of wire netting to keep the squirrels away and upturned wire hanging baskets cover groups of tulips in the flowerbeds.


Wire netting hats aren’t very lovely, but they do the job

garden tip

Old hanging baskets deter squirrels and also mark where bulbs have been planted

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