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Allotment Celebration

By Chrryblossomtat2
 Me : Now we are ten.
You : Who's ten; what do you mean? Me : Our allotment is 10 years old today.You : Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? You don't look old enough to have a 10 year old! Me : *blush* Thank you...
**********Oh my good grief friends, I can't quite believe I am writing this post. Andrew and I were talking about going to the allotment for the afternoon and suddenly I was reminded that it's the plot's anniversary. 
Back them I didn't know what a blog was and so we had a scrapbook - old school style. Here are some never before shared photos from that happy book...early days- Carrie Gault -
Gosh it really seems like yesterday when I think back to the day we visited our marked out rectangle of land with Maggie. We were the first in the field to dig a square and look at the soil below, I took pictures of a strip of green grass and Maggie had a pee = it was ours, we had claimed it in person and via the paperwork, haha.
Simultaneously it feels like forever ago, haha. We have worked so hard on that little patch of land and had so many triumphs and 'learning experiences'. We made good friends who sadly have left the site by now, mainly through illness or shear disheartenment. But still we battle on...(sometimes we do wonder why though)Have a look at the plan for 2018 - It's rough and unattractive but still, it is what it is...
The plan 2018 - Carrie Gault - LOVE you all, we're off to the plotCarrie xxx
emergency room - Carrie Gault -
Later.... For the very first time in 10 years I suffered an allotment related incident today - I stood, twice, on a rusty nail that went nice and deep into my foot = a wonderful few hours waiting in A&E for a tetanus injection and wound dressing. We're only home now at 8pm. What a wick birthday celebration. 
Bring on the wine! 🍷

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