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All You Need to Know About Silverette

By Chaayen
Hello Mummies, I am not sure about you but I have heard about Silverette nursing cups. Generally, I felt their user demographics seemed to be mainly non-Asians, so I am also quite concerned if the good reviews may not be applicable for our Asian body-types. In addition, only Pupsik sold it in Singapore (heard some retailers commenting about how the products held there may not be authentic). Hence, I shove the possibility of using Silverette nursing cups out of my mind.
But as luck may have it, Silverette arrived in the shore of Asia. :) Now that it is closer to home, I decided to give it a try. A pair of the silver nursing cups cost S$78. At first glance, the price may seem a bit steep. But bear in mind that it is made of 925 Silver from Italy and it can be reused for your subseqent pregnancies. Also at the end of your child-birthing journey, you can re-cast the cups into a pendant as a memory keepsake.
All you need to know about Silverette
In modern times, we mostly see silver used in our jewelry so we might lose sight of the non-aesthetics properties of Silver. In the Roman times, silver has been known as a disinfectant. Since 400BC, Hippocrates also known as the father of medicine documented silver's wounds healing properties. In an Asian contact, we always see the king's servant testing for poison using a pure silver pin in the period dramas. 
The Silverette nursing cups are designed to fit the areola area that is 45mm or less. Reasons on why I was keen to try it out was because it can help to protect sore, cracked nursing nipples and act as an preventive measure to prevent wounds, cuts and infections to the nipples. Most importantly, the Silverette nursing cups does not have to be used with other nursing products. For Mummies who are trying/ intending to breastfeed, I find this quite important because the last thing I want is for my milk to be contaminated. 
All you need to know about Silverette
Based on what I have read online, the Silverette nursing cups is very easy to use and very portable. I will do a separate review after I use them so please save the tag "Silverette Nursing Cup" if you want to follow up on this. I will also be updating this post as and when on other tibits of information I find online so do save this post as well! 

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