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All Soldiers Are Broken, Victims of Torture, Recovering Psychotics

Posted on the 21 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
all soldiers are broken, victims of torture, recovering psychoticsin a legal case of murder there's a plea of DIMINISHED RESPONSIBLITY due to 'mental state' or 'drug affliction' or 'gonorrhea infection' etc...
Drill Sergeants get INFORMATION/ORDERS INTO soldiers so they'll go against their own moral training, they'll jump when told to. Torture, of the military candidate's mind, makes him/her think that WHAT HE/SHE'S DOING IS ALRIGHT.
Every soldier on the field of battle or every person connected with an invasion force (even if that's an office role) is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS, not because of any legal definition (laws of war), especially if they're made extra-insane extra-mind-fucked by anti-psychotic drugs/injections they're made to take as part of their posting, but because they're in a state of mental instability in the war zone.
You can't put a soldier (and you shouldn't actually have War Trials) because the people engaged in war are LEGALLY INSANE for the duration of their service. They've been TORTURED by their Basic Training to be mentally unstable. They're (failed) recovering psychotics with every day they spend in enemy territory, on point.
The resultant Ptsd of such horse-breaking drill-torture shows through when the soldier has to try to reintegrate him/herself back into civi's.
Why do parents put their children through THAT?

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