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All in Leopard (Outfit)

By Themowway @themowway
All in Leopard - Outfit by TheMowWay.comOne of the (few) things I like about being short is that I can sometimes get some great items from the KIDS sections in shops! Got this cute dress at HM Kids for 15eur and I love it. PLUS, many times you can find GREAT stuff in the kids sections, almost identical to the regular sections, but for a fraction of the price! (I think about a lovely faux fur coat I saw in winter, which only costed 21 EUR and it was IDENTICAL to one they had in the ladies section for 59!!!!) So, don't be shy and try things on, even from the boys section. All in Leopard - Outfit by All in Leopard - Outfit by TheMowWay.comSpring is being crazy over here. During the day it's nice and sunny, but in the evenings, the temperatures drop and you need a thick jacket or you freeze! Love wearing socks that match what I am wearing, it gives a little something to your legs, which you can't achieve with any other item (except tights, buy I was already wearing a pair!) All in Leopard - Outfit by TheMowWay.comI am SUPER excited about the coming weeks! This weekend I am going to spend the whole weekend in the house my mom has in the mountains (see photos of it here), no internet or mobile phone for me for three days!!
The following week I am going to spend a lovely weekend with some of my favorite ladies.... doing CAMPING! I haven't been camping since I was 16!! Super happy for us to be able to spend a couple of days chatting and drinking cocktails by the beach. (In case you are curious, this is the beach we are going to!!). That same weekend my grandparents are coming over from Manchester! I CAN NOT wait to see them!!!
Dress: HM Kids!! (15)
Handbag: Mango (30)
Faux fux: Blanco
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
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