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All I Want is Some Peace…

By Sillymummy @silly_mummy

My head hurts, I can’t sleep. It’s 1am and the fan keeps buzzing.

My child sleeps next to me.

My husband pushed to the other edge of the bed.

I want to talk to someone, but everyone close to me are at sleep, in their own beds, far from this house.

I type this without checking for typos, as I can’t be bothered.

I’m exhausted, my eyes hurt and I had a cider earlier. I can’t even feel anything in my system. Oh wait, it’s one of those low-carb, low-alcohol. No wonder!

Ah well.

Oops, the battery blinks. I better charge the tablet.

Now see, even the damn tablet doesn’t care.

All I want is to talk. So I type, on my blog. The blog I wanted to shut down.

No, they said. Leave it there, they said.

For whom? I asked.

For them.



Them who?

The ones who care about autism.

Okay, but I’m tired, autism tires me.

So blog, they said.

Whatever, I said.

I give up.

Good night.

Maybe tomorrow I will get some good news.

It’s time for a change.

Maybe tomorrow I can finally bring true life back to Silly Mummy.

But I said that last week.

And the week before.

And the other month…

Good night.

I mean it this time.

Good night.

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