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All Hallows Eve Carnival! Day 1

Posted on the 24 October 2011 by Roshini
First of all...I want to say...
All Hallows Eve Carnival! Day 1Happy Halloween guys!....err...Happy Early Halloween!Today is also the beginning of the All Hallows Eve All Week Carnival Event! Watch out for awesome giveaways including ARCs, signed and unsigned swag, print copies, and ebooks! We will be having lots of author guests over! All week long it will be a spooktacular event until the grand prize giveaway on Halloween night! But here's the catch, to be entered into this awesome giveaway, you must unscramble a bunch of letters that we will be posting during the carnival! We will also have two contests including a Spooky Picture Contest and a Scary Story Contest judged by Destined Author, Jessie Harrell! Check out tomorrow post for more information on these awesome contests! We hope you guys have a fun rest of the week during the carnival and come back for more everyday!
Thank you to everyone who agreed to be a part of this event or participated in any way to help make it a better experience! Every word counts! Here is today's letter!:
All Hallows Eve Carnival! Day 1

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