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All-female Party Registered for Elections in Elad

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Continuing the trend of Haredi women into the local political scene is a new party that secretly registered to run in the elections for city council in the Haredi city of Elad. The party is called "עיר ואם", and it is running under the slogan of "Mothers for the city of Elad".
They decided to register secretly after having seen a number of haredi female candidates around the country threatened and pressured to withdraw their own candidacies. But you cannot run an election campaign in secret - you need people to vote for you. They have now gone public, and though they will not be posting banners and signs all over the city, they are running an active campaign and are gathering support.
According to Michal Chernovsky, head of the party, at the end of the day it is the women of the city who spend most of the time in the city, they are the ones using the public transportation more, they spend more time in the parks, they are active vis-a-vis the staff in the parks and kindergartens, the daycare centers and schools, and they are the ones who have to figure out activities for the kids in the afternoons and during vacations. The mothers are the ones who go to Tipat Chalav and most of the time also to the medical clinics. It is therefore only natural that it be the women to deal with the issues in city council. All those issues are areas that are the basic infrastructure of services to city residents.
(source: Ynet)
Good luck to them!
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