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All About the Invisible Bordeaux Seven-year Itch!

By Invisiblebordeaux
All about the Invisible Bordeaux seven-year itch!
The Invisible Bordeaux blog was launched seven years ago, on December 1st 2011, and ever since has delivered a steady succession of articles, interviews and reports about some of the city’s lesser-known sights, stories and people. 
Right now, as a direct result of what the blog has become over the years, no less than three separate Invisible Bordeaux-related projects are taking shape behind the scenes, and I am very much looking forward to revealing the various spin-offs from early 2019 onwards. I’m not going to reveal too much for now, but rest assured some interesting formats, encounters and stories are being developed and will soon be coming your way! 
Soooo, over the coming weeks, on the various Invisible Bordeaux social media channels, I will be promoting some archive reports that are hidden away in the depths of the blog… while working hard on what comes next! 
Enjoy (re-)discovering these past items via the Invisible Bordeaux social media accounts, and watch this space for the next chapters in the Invisible Bordeaux story!  
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