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All 32 NFL Teams Register a .Football Domain, But Only 10 Colleges Do

Posted on the 28 May 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

All 32 NFL teams applied for its domain name in the new gTLD .Football that launches into general availability next week.

Interestingly some applied with their city and team like the and the while other teams just went with their name like and

If your keeping track 15 NFL teams went with their city and nicknames while 17 just registered the name of their team sans the city.

A team that registered just its city and nickname might have a really hard time getting their domain in .football from someone else who registers for example the New York Jets only registered Someone who owns a private jet service could register say and put up a site around private plane transport to football games and events.

Not one of the 32 NFL teams registered both their name and just their domain name.

While the Canadian Football League registered CFL.Football and the name of their championship game the National Football League did not register, nor SuperBowl.Football but did register

On the college football front just 10 of the over 100 Division 1 football programs registered a .Football domain name.

Not only did the regulatory body for college football fail to register but not one of the major football conferences registered a .football domain name.

Some Soccer names were registered including,

Of course teams and League may registered domain names during the Early Access Program (EAP) or general availability which is cheaper than Sunrise.

Here are the more interesting domains:


College & Others

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