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All 151 Original Pokemon Built in Minecraft

By Boxmash
Minecraft Pikachu

You can become a Pokemon master in Minecraft with the Pixelmon mod. Or, if you’re feeling creative, just make some Pokemon yourself in creative mode. That’s what reddit user QueenMercury has done, crafting all 151 of the original Pokemon from individual blocks in Minecraft.

The project has taken QueenMercury two years, but is now complete and has all 151 of them on the same map. The floating monsters are massive detailed recreations of the famous classic Pokemon, from the starter creatures like Bulbasaur, all the way up to legendary birds like Zapdos and Articuno. Each Pokemon took anything between 30 minutes and three hours to build, and QueenMercury got better and faster with each one.

The most complicated ones to make were Articuno, Gyarados, and Butterfree, said QueenMercury. Clay was used a lot to help make the right colours. With all the colours sorted, QueenMercury would lay all the blocks on the ground and then start building, just by using a picture of the Pokemon as a guide.

You can check out all of QueenMercury’s Pokemon in the gallery above. If you’re looking for more amazing Minecraft creations, check out our Minecraft channel.

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