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Alien Dream - Detachable Memory Modules - Communication Protocol

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
I drew this sketch of a dream I'd just had - it's rough because it was 6:01 a.m. at the time and the alarm had just gone off at 6:00 a.m. and I was still sorta waking up.
alien dream - detachable memory modules - communication protocol
Since September the 1st 2012, I'd re-opened a Dream Diary. In an effort to connect or communicate with whatever DREAMS are; be they simple ordering of the day's events, dreaming for those who can't or some sort of inter-stellar communication device between the galaxies.
I have no idea; but I love experimentation.
All through September, I had this series of laborious, pointless and 'messageless' dreams. I wrote them all down, dilligently, day after day. Nothing much of interest, really. Rather mundane. Plain.
Two weeks ago I stopped updating the Dream Diary. Stopped entering the dates. Stopped waiting for some 'ultimate communication' or a return of Lucid Dreaming, at least. It was just dead dull dreary everyday imagery of stuff that didn't (really) relate to my day but was just strange enough to be considered 'dream content'.
So, I ignored it.
This morning, at about 5:59 am, I had a wonderfully meaningly and vivid dream, in color. I know it was in color because of that image there of the blue/red communication device. Here's a quick render of it in 3DS Max.
alien dream - detachable memory modules - communication protocol  You remember that scene in Pan's Labyrinth where the underground creature at the table places his eyes in his palms and puts them up to his face, palms facing out, so he can see? Well, that's exactly what happened in the dream this morning, as you'll see from the Dream Diary sketch of this morning. There was this 'thing', this pale skinned Contactor. He/she had his/her hands up covering his/her face; palms out, fingers apart. On his/her palms and finger joints were pairs of those 'button's above. I had the impression that these 'button's were like parts of his/her MEMORY. He/she was either sending something, or just letting me know that he/she was there.  Greetings, human. Look at me. I'm here. He/she took one of the buttons off the palm of his/her hand with a tacky fingertip and placed the button on his/her lips. Pressing in, so that the button softly indented the mouth, connecting with something behind the lips.  THAT'S EXACTLY WHEN THE 6 a.m. ALARM WENT OFF...  just as it was about to get interesting?

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