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Alicia by Michelle Miller

By Pamelascott

An aspiring artist gets a seven-figure offer that could change her life forever in this provocative and surprising short story of a woman torn between saying yes and saying no.

Alicia could do a lot with a million dollars. But what's she willing to do for it? Her top client, a billionaire hedge fund manager, has made a very intimate business proposal. In the world of finance, it's just another transaction, right? An efficient supply-demand exchange. At least that's what Alicia tries to tell herself. But as the deadline for her decision closes in, it becomes clear that things are a lot more complicated than that.

Alicia is part of The Fairer Sex, a collection of sexy, satirical, and sometimes harrowing short stories that explore the question: "What do women want?" The answer is different for every woman, but each can be read or listened to in a single sitting.


['I want to give you a million dollars to have sex with me']


(Amazon Original Stories, 14 February 2019, ebook, 20 pages, ebook borrowed from @AmazonKindle #PrimeReading)



I usually enjoy the short reads from Amazon Original Stories. This is much better than the first two stories, far better by far. This is a fun story. The premise is well execute and comes across really well. The concept of the story is ridiculous but that's what makes it fun. The story is a quick read and delightful. There are some nice turns. I enjoyed this one.

Alicia Michelle Miller

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