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Alexandria, Virginia - 1 Dead, 1 Wounded

Posted on the 15 April 2011 by Mikeb302000

It sounds like the old "disgruntled ex-employee" syndrome. These are often done by law abiding gun owners who crack. The moment that happens, all the other law-abiding gun owners turn their back on the guy as if he were never a part of the fraternity.
Another interesting thing is that in one of the gun-friendliest states, no other lawful gun owner was able to intervene.  The guy literally got away with murder and then turned himself in to the police. Isn't it in shopping centers and malls, places like that, where the concealed carry guys are supposed to provide some kind of increased security?  Well they don't and I'll tell you why.
Just like in the famous Tucson incident a couple months ago, which took place in a state even more gun-friendly than Virginia, the people with guns were powerless to intervene. The reason for that is the chances of being in exactly the right place at exactly the right moment are extremely small. Even if many people in the immediate vicinity have guns, these incidents take place in a matter of seconds. Those guns in the hands of the good guys are useless.
On the other hand those same guns do great harm.  Like Mr. Nguyen, who very well might have owned his gun legally, lawful gun owners do sometimes go bad. When that happens people die.  You know what else those gun owners do?  They have accidents with those guns.  The more guns there are, the more accidents. And one other major down-side to gun proliferation among the law-abiding is they allow their guns to be stolen.
I realize some people don't like my use of the word "allow," so let me explain. When you leave your gun in the night stand or in the bedroom closet when you leave the house and someone breaks in and steals it, you have ALLOWED it to be stolen.  When you leave the gun in the glove compartment of the car and it's stolen, you have ALLOWED it to be stolen. Now, let's say on the other hand, you've invested in a proper gun safe, the thieves come in and like some professional safe-crackers they open it and clean you out. You are not guilty in that case. Naturally the more guns there are, the more get stolen, that's the bottom line.
To sum up, concealed carry, open carry, guns in the home, all these in the hands of lawful folks do very little good. Through direct misuse, accidents and theft, those same guns do great harm.
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By hammer
posted on 22 April at 08:41
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like no one never uses a knife or a car or a hammer the item any one ever uses to kill is a gun the only reason the cops make such a big deal out of gun killings is they want no one to have a gun but them that way they can heard all the people in to a correll and use them for slaves u people really think the law reall has the safety or best intrest of the people on there minds lolol dont make me puke if they did them lieing scum bags would close dowen the bars and tabacco companys or they wouldnt sit on the wittnees stand and lie through there theeth why dont u people wake up that our rights witch there trying to take aw3ay eveydays have u ever had a cop keep any one from breaking in your homes wow your people really scare me if u put your life4s in the hands of the law there mostly the biggest crooks there is