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Alexander Skarsgård Talks About His Role on ‘Battleship’

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault
Alexander Skarsgård talks about his role on ‘Battleship’

Alexander Skarsgård in Battleship

Alexander Skarsgård talks about his role of Stone Hopper in ‘Battleship” which is scheduled for release on May 18, 2012 .

Alex plays the older brother of Alex Hopper played by Taylor Kitsch. Alex’s character adds an integral element to the story, a subplot that should make audiences care as much about the human relationships in the movie as they do the battle scenes. “[Stone] is older. He’s already in the Navy. He’s stayed out of his brother’s business, but it’s now kind of time,” says Skarsgård.

Kitsch adds that younger brother Hopper is basically afraid of failure, and idolizes his clean-cut, perfect older brother to a fault where it’s holding him back and he’s not reaching his potential. “There’s literally a breaking point where it’s kind of, enough is enough. “

That’s something my character was trying to avoid for years…’This is my path, you gotta find yours, you’re gonna make mistakes but hopefully you will learn something.’ But after a while it’s like, alright – enough. ‘Cause I see a lot of potential in the kid,” Skarsgard says.

The thing with the brothers, if you don’t care about us, the movie’s gonna be s***, IMO,” Kitsch adds. “If you don’t care about the characters in the film, you can blow up this this and that 10 million times, but there’s no heart to it. It’s our job to do that.”

As far as the movie’s scope, the actors who’ve mainly starred in TV shows thus far have found it a challenge they’re ready to embrace. “How is it different? We don’t shoot most of our [True Blood] stuff on the U.S.S. Missouri,” Skarsgard says laughing. “Day 1: I land, go out on this gigantic barge 10 minutes offshore with cranes, boats, jet skis, 5,000 people, floating basecamps…I come from a shoot in Europe for a Lars Von Trier movie where the catering crew here is bigger than that entire crew—crazy!


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