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Alexander Skarsgård is Not Bored with True Blood Yet

Posted on the 03 October 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

True Blood Season 5 is currently showing in the UK and SFX Magazine asked Alexander Skarsgård some questions about his role on the show and we are happy to hear that work is still fun after 5 years.

Alexander Skarsgård is not bored with True Blood yet“Yeah, I was worried, in the beginning, because on a movie, you read the whole thing, so you can plan it. On this show I didn’t know how season five would end until a few days before we started shooting because we didn’t have the scripts yet, so that’s weird and scary, but creatively that’s good, to be a little intimidated. I didn’t know, ‘Am I going to be challenged after four, five, six years?’ But it’s never been repetitive. Alan and the writers keep it interesting. Last year I got to work on a completely different side of the character with the amnesia, and this year I have the bromance, so five years in, I’m still excited.”

What does Alex like about Eric?

“Eric? I love him. He’s been around for a thousand years so he doesn’t really give a f**k. He’s seen it all, done it all. Initially what attracted me to him was that they introduced him as a villain, and I loved that because I knew that there was more to him than evil. I think we’ve all got both forces within us, and I loved that you had to back up and go, ‘Wait a minute! I wanted him to be a villain but now I sympathise with what he’s doing.’”

Read the complete interview at SFX.


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