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Alejandro Balderama - You Won't See Him No More

Posted on the 10 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
Alejandro Balderama - You Won't See Him No More
Silver City Sun-News reports
Balderama was in the southern bathroom arguing with his girlfriend, according to the affidavit, when another woman who was staying in the home wanted to use the bathroom to change her clothes before going to bed. The woman's boyfriend, Ernest Villa, 23, told her to go use the other bathroom at the other end of the mobile home, but then must have confronted Balderama, who then allegedly shot him in the head.
Balderama then left the bathroom and walked out into the living room, where he was confronted by Jaime Perez, who was watching a movie with his girlfriend Megan Ortiz, who lives in the home.
Balderama then allegedly shot both Perez and Ortiz. Balderama also allegedly shot at Patrick Dominguez, as he went to assist his cousin, Megan Ortiz, after she had been shot. 
One of the pro-gun arguments is that we should focus more on the violent criminals rather than the guns. They always make this argument as if it's a question of either/or, as if we can't do both. Sometimes they go so far as to accuse gun control folks of being easy on criminals, of wanting too lenient sentences.
There all lies. Alejandro Balderama is a perfect example. I don't think anyone wants a guy like that to get a light sentence and to be released in a short time, I know I don't. But what I see as a major contributory factor in violence like this is the easy access to guns by criminals, the violent and the mentally ill. And this is something we can do something about.
When forced to look at this, the gun-rights argument often says criminals will always get guns, there's nothing we can do about it.  That's another lie.  The truth is gun owners don't want to be inconvenienced themselves. Proper gun control would result in a certain increase in the inconvenient processes which no one likes to deal with. But in order to screen out the unfit individuals among them, this would be necessary.  But rather than accpet that as part of the deal, for everyone's good, the gun-rights folks go to any extreme to oppose even the most common-sense and reasonable restrictions - all for their own convenience.
Has there ever been a more self-centered and short-sighted movement among us than the gun-rights movement?  Has there ever been one that costs more lives?
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