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Ale One Interview – Classic Hits Book Author

By Whatyouwrite @whatyouwrite

Björn Amlqvist: You started writing and exploring the streets of the Bronx at the age of 13. What was it like to be out and about on nightly adventures as a young kid in the 70s?

Ale One: It was a great period in my life. There was no video games or computers to use in the early 70s. My writing partners and I lived the adventure for real. The adrenaline rush of painting in yards and lay up during the day and night was addicting. There were so many people to meet and places to go, I was never bored.


In what ways is New York different today compared to when you were a teenager?

Today with Google Earth and surveillance cameras everywhere, New York has lost its innocence. The streets and subways are safer but at the cost of our freedoms. Big brother is now watching every move we make. The 70s was a time of great music, artistic expression and social interaction.




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